Severn Archers Established 1984
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Severn Archers Archery Club


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Joining Us

Getting Started

If you are a complete beginner, had a ‘taster’ experience such as on a holiday or you’ve haven’t shot for a long time, we will give you all the assistance you need to get you started in the sport during your initial period with the club.

During this period you will be provided with the equipment you need to get you started or back up to speed in the sport if you haven’t shot for a long time.

We recommend that you do not buy archery equipment until you have completed your initial period, when you will have had an opportunity to receive advice and have a much better idea about what to buy and that you get value for your money.

When you do come to the stage of buying equipment we do recommend that you buy from a reputable specialist archery shop that will fit the bow and arrows to you.  As a beginner, we do not recommend that you buy bows or arrows from a ‘generic’ supplier or from an internet shop.


Our youngest archers start around eight years old but age is not our main concern. Physical capability, ability to take instruction and ability to concentrate on their shooting are all taken into account. We do require juniors (under 18s) be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Of course they can shoot too and we do encourage family memberships.

Disabled Archers

We welcome archers with disabilities - remember that Mel Clarke, Paralympic Bronze and Silver Medallist, trained with us. If you’re not sure if you can shoot with a disability, please get in touch. You might be surprised at what you can achieve.

For more information, or to join a session, please email